Albert Madaula (1986) is a Spanish multifaceted artist based in Barcelona. Self-taught, he started painting since he was a child and continued to develop his interest in art doing illustration and photography. After leaving his studies in Architecture, and then in Photography and Graphic Design in 2010, Albert decided to create a publishing project “Gorgeous Magazine”, an independent paper publication where he could combine and express all his artistic interests. Recently he also started writing and directing films.

Now his main artistic focus is on his two biggest passions: painting and filmmaking.

Albert’s first project as a screenwriter and film director was his short black-and-white film “Limón”, successfully premiered in Barcelona in October 2014 and that participated in prestigious Short Film Festivals such as Edmonton International Film Festival (Canada), the Hayah International Short Film Festival (Panama) and Portobello Film Festival (UK), among others. Albert is already working on his next film projects which, in contrast to “Limón”, will be more surrealistic and inspired by the colors of his paintings.

As for his art, Albert’s works are bright, vibrant and very colorful. He paints on canvas using acrylic paint and adds touches of paint spray, pastel and oil sticks to define and enhance the texture of the painting. Male portraits were the main theme of his previous series of artworks. Now, he is experimenting more with full bodies, female portraits, animals and abstract painting. Tropical inspiration is the thread that connects all the works in the new collection.